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If your Image file size is more than 50 MB. Please use We-Transfer Or Drop-Box options to transfer your images/ files. After uploading the file, share your link with us. For any assistance please E-mail us: or Call: +880 1642391243

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Our Production facility for 24/7

Clipping boss keeps its service operational every day. Delivery within 8-24 hours: Guaranteed. 24-hour standard option, 10-hour rush option. We do clipping paths for 1 image or 1000 images with the same quality service. Our daily capacity is more than 2000 images.

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We clarify Perfect clipping paths: 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, we will redo the job or money-back guarantee with terms & conditions. All our clipping paths are delivered to you after the quality control process, which is complete by the quality management team.

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1. Quick Delivery

We have a fantastic crew that is always ready to complete your work as quickly as possible. Our top priority is to fulfill your wishes. We’ll make sure you get your package when you want it.

2. Cheap Pricing

To meet your needs, we provide a low-cost photo editing service. Our clipping path service pricing starts at $0.29, which is a highly competitive and affordable price in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many more Europe countries.

3. High-Quality Services

We provide you a low pricing as well as excellent service. We are well aware that our success is founded on the quality of our work. As a result, you can trust us easily. If you are unhappy with our work, we will refund your full payment.

4. Huge Production Capacity

We have over 100 graphic design experts on the team. As a result, we may retouch over 2000 photographs in a single day. In addition, we form a unique team for our Valuable Clients.

5. Image Protection

We must verify that the photographs you submit to us are 100% secure. Your photos will never be used on a commercial website or for any other reason. We are always truthful and cautious when it comes to your job.

6. Bulk Discount

For bulk images, we give a discount to our customers. If you order more than 500 photographs, you will receive a 10% discount, and if you order more than 1000 images, you will receive a 15% discount. It can increase in more order.

7. Payment After Job

After work, you have the option of paying your bill or making a payment. We never demand payment in advance of completing a project. when we submit your project, you must make your payment as quickly as possible.