Best Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is always the first needed service after product photography. It is used to remove the background and replace it with a new one that is relevant to the product. In some cases, you can also replace the unwanted objects of your images. In straightforward words, the Clipping path service is widely used to change the irrelevant background or object from an image.

Clipping path is more about accuracy and perfection. Anyone can easily learn technical skills but without experience, a little scratch can break the full image. Only a pen tool by photoshop is mostly used to clip a path. But here what matters is accuracy.

Best Clipping Path Services Before

Types of Clipping Path Services We Provide

Type of clipping path varies from image to image. But based on photo complexity we have divided Clipping path services into four pieces.

Basic Clipping Path

Basic Clipping Path

Images containing round or circle-shaped objects are usually placed in the category of Basic Clipping Path. In this type of photo clipping, the path doesn’t need a lot of work because the elements are simple and decent. And interestingly the pricing plan for Basic Clipping Path is also comparatively low. Typically, Images of Cups, Bowls, eggs, and all other round-shaped objects are placed in this plan.

Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path

The images of this category are comparatively a little bit tougher. Multiple objects are located in a single photo and the designer has to work with different aspects including color, opacity, contrast, and more. Besides clipping path these additional tasks are time-consuming. As thing need more modification here the pricing plan of this category images are also a bit high than the first one.

Complex Clipping Path

The next group of clipping path service type is Complex Clipping Path. The percentage of the complexity becomes higher and for what clipping the path needs more accuracy and professionalism. These images feature groups of different objects such as – furniture, elements with holes, and curves. In comparison with the previous categories, the Complex clipping path is spicier and needs pro designers.

Super Complex Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping Path

These images contain lots of curves, holes, and different objects. The compound shadows and combination of shapes makes it difficult to clip the paths without breaking the image. complex clipping path is costly but not to worry! we have the concern of your affordability in mind. We have done plenty of projects in this sector and it is to say that Our experts are confident enough to do it.

Our Work in Action

After completing several clipping path projects with satisfying testimonials, we say with confidence that we can provide the best clipping path service.


Our clipping path services are perfect for

  • Photos with unwanted objects or parts.
  • Removing irrelevant background.
  • To make the products transparent.
  • For official uses, we sometimes may need to change the image background.

Why Choose Clipping Boss

Clipping Boss is unique because of its user-friendly discussion, convenient pricing plan, and dream quality service.

01. Premium Quality

Quality is our priority or otherwise, a full refund is considerable.


The pricing plan is affordable enough for newbies.

03. 24/7 SUPPORT

We are always active to serve our customers by email or chat.


We ensure that your money won’t go in vain by a money-back guarantee.


How Clipping Boss Works

Our working process is very secure and professional. Without losing the quality you will get an optimized delivery system.


Firstly, you will have to request a quote with your project information.


After that, Our team will contact you shortly with a confirmation of getting your files and pricing.


Our manager will hand over your project files to our designers and instruct them.


As soon as your project is completed as per your instructions we’ll email you and you will be ready to download your files.


Most importantly, Now comes the final part, you have to make payment via bank or PayPal.

With keeping the concern of your affordability and your requirements The clipping boss Provides all image editing assistance at your fingertips.


What is Image clipping path?

A clipping path is a closed vector path or shape, used for cutting out the unnecessary part in an image editing software. The main concept of the Clipping path is anything inside the path will be included and anything outside the path will be omitted when the clipping path is applied. In easy words, the Clipping path is used for replacing the whole background or a portion with a new one.

The most important part of the clipping path is accuracy and perfection. Knowing to use the pen tool to mark the path is common but doing it without breaking the image is what matters here. And professional graphic designers will be needed for the perfect clipping path. Fortunately, we already have many experts in this field.

How are clipping paths used for e-commerce?

Clipping paths for eCommerce product photos are being widely used nowadays. People now are more aware of the use of the clipping path. In the case of eCommerce product photos, the Clipping path helps to replace the background with relevant scenery to your product.

According to a survey by PhotoSoft, 38% of consumers like to see photos with a white background because in this way the photo becomes more clear and it’s easy to focus on the product.

If you have shot the photo mistakenly or intentionally with an unwanted object or background but don’t worry! Our clipping path service is here to help you out!

Why outsource clipping path service?

By outsourcing clipping path services online you can expect to get global quality image editing. But local image editing service providers may lack in quality because their production cost is comparatively more than online providers because of the higher physical expenses including office cost, electricity bill, and so on. Moreover, outsourcing the clipping path saves your time to travel to a physical office.

In straightforward words, Online service providers benefit you from different aspects including time, money, and turnaround. That’s why outsourcing clipping path service is a good idea.

When to use clipping path

  • You can use it for your garment products.
  • You should always use a clipping path before submitting your photos to the sponsor.
  • If you are working with affiliate programs like Amazon or eBay, a Clipping background is a must.
  • For products that need more attention, you can remove unwanted objects and benefit users.

When not to use clipping path

  • Do not use clipping path services if you are selling others’ products.
  • If you are a newcomer in the eCommerce industry then starting with Professional image editing and extending expenses would not be a good idea.

Best Clipping Path Service Provider for Your Products

Everyone wants the best of best. But a very few numbers of the service provider can serve you as your expectation. Nowadays companies only think about their profit but we promise that as the best company for years we won’t let you down.

our journey started some years ago. After completing plenty of offline projects with dignity we decided to come online and serve as a trustworthy image editing company around.

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Outsource Photoshop Clipping Path Service From Clipping Boss

Well, would it be a good choice to do your clipping path projects with us? As you may have already seen in our previous works and testimonials it is to say that believing is your responsibility but you should at least give us a try before judging.

And yeah, you are getting a money-back guarantee in case if you didn’t like our service. We’ll try our best to serve you and would like to gain a good reputation as a good platform.

You can also contact us to discuss your project for totally free. Give us an email, we would appreciate your outreach. Our support team is 24/7 active and ready for you at any time.