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The best photo editing service provider makes photos LOOK


The more your product photos reflect the more you can generate leads and Clipping Boss knows how your photos should be represented.

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The best photo editing service provider makes photos LOOK


The more your product photos reflect the more you can generate leads and Clipping Boss knows how your photos should be represented.

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The best photo editing service provider makes photos LOOK


The more your product photos reflect the more you can generate leads and Clipping Boss knows how your photos should be represented.

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Find out why well-known companies choose Clipping Boss

Why Clipping Boss is The Best Photo Editing Service Provider

With hundreds of completed projects and testimonials from well-known companies, we ensure the best photo editing service that you dream of. Starting from taking the files to delivering you securely we complete every single task to ensure your images are fully beautified and organized.

For instance, Our 230+ professional designers were assigned through a qualified process which makes sure that our pros are talented and capable enough to handle your project. With all of these pieces of evidence, we believe that we are the best photo editing and user-friendly company around.

How Clipping Boss Works

Our working process is very secure and professional. Without losing the quality you will get an optimized delivery system.


Firstly, you will have to request a quote with your project information.


After that, Our team will contact you shortly with a confirmation of getting your files and pricing.


We Can Process 3,000 images/day. We can do urgent job . Our manager will hand over your project files to our designers and instruct them.


As soon as your project is completed as per your instructions we’ll email you and you will be ready to download your files.


Most importantly, Now comes the final part, you have to make payment via bank or PayPal.

  • Fast Turnaround
  • High Quality
  • Affordable

We provides different types of services. we have dedicated teams for each of our service categories. Take a look at the services we provide.

Before After Clipping Path Service BeforeClipping Path Service After

The Clipping Path means working with the background of an image. It is popular for clipping image background or removing unwanted objects from the image. We have served 37+ companies of various niches with a clipping path or image cut out services.

Before After Background Removal Service BeforeBackground Removal Service After

The background removal service is widely used to completely remove the background from an image. You can also edit a certain part of the background and replace it with a new one. This service is mostly needed for product images.

Before After

Ghost mannequin is a popular photo editing method being used for garments nowadays. It is a process to remove the mannequin smoothly from the background of your garment photo. Popular brands use this service to enlighten the beauty of their clothing items.

Before After Photo Masking Service BeforePhoto Masking Service After

Photo masking is a modern way of representing your product photos. To make your image background fully white or any other color you can use the masking service. Especially, for affiliate programs like Amazon, you’ll need to make your product photo background white otherwise your photo will not be approved.

Why choose clippingboss before

Why Choose Clipping Boss

Premium Quality

Quality guaranteed refundable service ensures our professionalism.

Affordable Price

Price Starts From 0.25 $ Per Image

24/7 Support

Our support team gives almost instant replies and always active.

BULK Order(Save money)

Get Big Discount Upto 40 % On Bulk Images

As a Photo Editing Service Provider, We are So Good at Our

services that we have achieved a lot of prizes and testimonials for our qualifications and honesty. In addition to providing a photo editing service, we always attach significant tips with every project on how you should use your product photos to gain more leads.

Clipping Path Service


Background Removal Service


product Photo Editing Service


Ghost Mannequin Effect Services


Image Masking Service


Photo Retouching Service


Some of Our Sample Works

Take a look at our best sample works to get some idea about us. And to see more of our works you can contact us anytime.

Affordable Pricing for Photo Post-Production

Our flexible pricing plan, quality full service, and the assurance of a money-back guarantee create hope for new users to give us a try.

Clipping Path/Background Remove

Starting at $0.25 USD/image

Photo Retouching

Starting at $1.00 USD/image

Ghost Mannequin

Starting at $0.60 USD/image

Why Outsource Photo Editing From Online

Fast Turnaround

    Outsourcing photo editing services online at first gives you more professional service than the local service providers. As an online company, you can check and compare the features of different image editing service providers without making the hassle to go to their office.

    Save Time

      It saves your time a lot. If you are a busy person then you should always give online photo editing service providers priority. But remember to check the company well before finally going into a deal.

      All you have to do is send us your project detail with the image files and get back to us again when we email you. we have already described our step-by-step working process, I don’t think you have to concern anymore about your security and working quality.

      Save Money

        In conclusion, Outsourcing photo editing services online save the most valuable thing next, money! As online companies don’t need to bear the extra expenses of office, electricity, and traveling they always keep their pricing plan flexible.

        Also, our 40% discount on bulk projects allows you to save more money while you sleep. Rest assured, online service providers always lets you save more money and time. So without thinking anything request a quote and let’s discuss your project.

        What Our Happy Client About Our services
        “The Clipping Boss provided their clipping path service as I expected at such a low cost. I’ll get back to them again. A recommended clipping path service provider”
        Adam Sendler
        Senior Project Coordinator